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Wonder Woman 1984 is shaping up to be a righteous flick, with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine putting on their best bum bags and shoulder pads to save the world from champagne fountains and cocaine parties... or something like that.

We may not yet know what role Pedro Pascal is playing in Patty Jenkins’ sequel, but we have our first look at his character thanks to the director. And uh oh, I think we know who ordered the champagne fountain, folks.

Directors have a lot on their plates when making a major Hollywood film. It's basically a juggling act. But there were two key elements of Wonder Woman that Patty Jenkins continued to "hammer home" throughout the entire production, and they made all the difference for the end product.

Wonder Woman 2 isn't coming out until November 2019, but director Patty Jenkins is already starting to put the pieces into place. She's sharing a few new details on what to expect in the upcoming film, as well as how the theme of love will carry over from the last film. Hint: It's a person.

Thanks to Marvel, superhero movies and post-credit scenes basically go hand in hand. Recently, Marvel has really played with that expectation, going super excessive with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and including a knowing wink in Spider-Man: Homecoming. DC movies, on the other hand, have never felt beholden to that; not incorporating scenes in the credits has been a way to stand apart from Marvel. But DC hasn't skipped them altogether.

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our weekly roundup of the fanciest toys that will have you even more upset you're not able to make it to the San Diego Comic-Con this year. And if you've ever lamented not having an Arnold Schwarzenegger figure that looks like he just took the day off to visit Bunnings, you'll find exactly what you're looking for this week.

We live in an age where everyone involved in one of these giant superhero movies franchises is basically made to commit as much of their lives as humanly possible to it. Sequels are, if not outright expected, certainly hoped for by studios. And yet, for some reason, it appears that Warner Bros. didn't have director Patty Jenkins sign a contract that included an option for a Wonder Woman sequel.