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There are a vocal minority of folks who simply don't want to drink pasteurised milk. Maybe they're worried about the nutritional content, or not getting the good bacteria they need. Sure, they're potentially subjecting themselves to tuberculosis or a Listeria infection, but it's still a vocal group.

Two people have died and four others have gotten sick off of soft raw-milk cheese from Vulto Creamery in New York, according to a release from the Centres for Disease Control first reported by Buzzfeed. The company has recalled those cheeses, but is there something about raw milk cheese, soft raw milk cheese in particular, could make people sick?

Refrigerated pasteurised milk typically lasts about two to three weeks before turning into a wretched hive of scum and villainy. A new process developed by researchers at Purdue University extends the shelf life of milk up to 63 days -- and without the benefit of added chemicals.