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Between the alien monsters, the crazed androids and the malfunctioning ships, space is already totally scary before you start factoring in humans and all their potential awfulness. And yet, there's something about space that seems to attract a lot of arseholes. Case in point: All seven of these guys.

You might expect a big budget science fiction movie, starring two of the most famous people on the planet, and released on new years day, to play it safe. But Passengers is more than just a movie about Jennifer Lawerence and Chris Pratt getting sexy in space. It actually tries to challenge you... for a little bit. Then it plays it safe.

All movies go through a lot of changes before they hit the screen. There are rewrites, recastings, edits, studio notes -- but one of the biggest changes that the upcoming scifi film Passengers went through is when the most famous and recognisable actress on the planet, Jennifer Lawrence, decided to join the project.

We have lots to say about the new movie Passengers, and with good reason. It's an incredibly weird movie, especially considering what you might expect from the trailers. But from a purely science fiction design standpoint, it's undeniably beautiful, and the director told us one of its little secrets.

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Winter is over. Spring is here. Summer is fast approaching. And still, we have yet to see a trailer for Sony's Christmas sci-fi movie Passengers. This isn't some small movie either. It stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, plus the footage that was shown to exhibitors back in April looked amazing. The first poster has just made its way online, so hopefully that means Sony will release the trailer soon.