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Whether you're carrying an iPhone, Android or Palm Pre device, there's an app available to access ZumoDrive's cloud service. This means that you can stream nearly all your media and view most documents over Wi-Fi, 3G, and Edge.


To the chagrin of devoted hard QWERTY enthusiast, and to the joy of people who think it's dumb to have to slide out an entire keypad just to type the letters "OK", the Pre got its first onscreen keyboard last week. One problem! The installation process was complicated, dangerous and intimidating so I recommended most Pre-ers wait for a simple installer.


What a sad story Palm's App Catalogue has been so far: never more than a few dozen apps, a near-closed submission process, and no way for developers to make any money. Today, a sliver of light: Palm is accepting a few paid app submissions as part of a closed beta.