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"Mini" is sitting comfortably in the list of top gadgets buzzwords (for now) and while it's there, vendors are going to take the opportunity to brand the slightly smaller versions of their products with this moniker. Next off the rank is ASUS with its Padfone Mini, a press render of which has apparently leaked via Twitter.

If it were sold without its tablet dock, you might give the Padfone phone a second look all on its own. It's really pretty, and after using it for a few minutes, it feels just as powerful and smooth as any other flagship Android phone coming out, like the Optimus G Pro or the HTC One.

We're seeing more and more high-end smartphones enter the market, and keeping up with all of them is nothing short of overwhelming. How will you decide which one will be your next handset? Here’s how popular beasts like the Galaxy S III stack up against upcoming options like the iPhone 5 and Lumia 920.

How many times have you gone to an event, walked into a meeting or even just got onto a plane and seen someone open their bag to reveal an iPad or Android tablet, while their laptop just sits there unloved because of its bulk? The person might then fish around awkwardly for their smartphone to tether to the tablet before they actually get down to what needs to be done. Asus knows these people, and is here to help with its new convertible: the Padfone.

The 4.3-inch PadFone goes one step further than the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note ‘phablet’ by docking into a 10.1-inch station to became an actual slate device. We’ve been tracking its progress for a year now, and with the Computex Asia tech show weeks away, you’ll soon see a lot more of it. New this week: Finally a decent PadFone close-up video (after the jump), and an Australian window: Q3; likely mid-to-late August.

The idea of powering a larger screen using a smartphone's processor isn't exactly new - Palm had the idea a while back with the maligned Foleo concept, and Motorola has expanded on it with the Atrix, but the Asus Padfone, which is set to be announced at Computex this week, looks like it's taken one of the biggest criticisms of tablets - that they are just large phones - and turned it into a feature.