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Pacific Rim Uprising naturally shares a lot of things with its predecessor. It's a big, dumb film about big, cool robots, and for the most part, it's good fun. But something huge happens early in Uprising that makes it clear why the sequel fundamentally lacks the heart that made its predecessor so good.

Pacific Rim has giant robots in it. The Jaegers are great, but a large part of their greatness is because they all have utterly fantastic names. We've crunched the data and have thus developed an objective and completely unassailable ranking of Jaeger names from across the Pacific Rim universe - from the movies as well as the plethora of robots introduced in tie-in comics, games, and more. So don't question it.

Pacific Rim is kind of a weird movie. People either are totally apathetic to it, or love it to death. The sequel, directed by Steven S DeKnight rather than Oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro, doesn't quite have the same cult factor to it – but if you're looking for some ridiculously over the top city-smashing, robot on monster action, this is the film for you.

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Video: The two Pacific Rim Uprising trailers we've had so far have promised more of everything we loved from the first film. More giant robots, more giant monsters, that sort of thing. But they have been a bit scant on something else we want more of: Rinko Kikuchi's returning hero from the first film, Mako. This new trailer from Japan at least gives us a little bit of that.