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About 3,000 Australians die prematurely each year from outdoor air pollution, and our cars are a major component of that pollution, particularly in traffic congested areas.

Suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne and to a lesser extent other capital cities frequently do not meet air quality standards, and show a deterioration in air quality in recent years.

This pollution is likely to get worse as population increases and along with it congestion on our roads.


Opinion: A recent report has indicated that Facebook intends to begin monetising videos via 'mid-roll' — short video ads that will cut in after 20 seconds of a video. The revenue from these ads will be split with the creator through a system similar to YouTube's — which is hugely problematic when so many popular videos on Facebook don't actually belong to the people who uploaded them.


Today, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took questions from Twitter users about what they want the company to do better in 2017. Dorsey seemed receptive to one idea that Twitter's power users have been begging for: The ability to edit tweets. This is an awful idea.


Opinion: PayPal is the latest company to join a long list to ditch support for the “fringe” phone operating systems: Microsoft’s Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon’s Fire OS. This decision comes on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement of getting rid of a further 1,850 jobs, most of them from what remains of the staff that came to Microsoft from its acquisition of Nokia.

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The Dick Smith of my childhood was a magical place. I would beg my parents to take me there, so that I might see Age of Empires II projected large onto a giant screen, or spend a few precious minutes racing cars on a demo console. Gazing with wide eyes at the gadgets and gizmos around me, I was resigned to never owning them but found satisfaction in looking and dreaming.

The store that I visited this week was a pit of despair and humiliation, as consumers picked the bones of the carcass and workers faced the end with resigned apathy.


Opinion: The government's NBN roll-out is running behind schedule. At least, that's according to leaked documents quoted by The Project and Waleed Aly, in last night's "Something We Need To Talk About" segment. Who to blame? Tony Abbott, Aly says, and "the guy who he says invented the internet", Malcolm Turnbull.

Waleed Aly is right, inasmuch as he's saying that the NBN — in whatever form it has taken since the Rudd government created NBN Co — has always been just as much about politics as it has been about connecting Australia to the world with universal high-speed broadband wherever possible.


The lifecycle of a new gadget is relatively predictable: When it's brand new, only early adopters are interested. Once the technology matures, everybody buys one. But smartwatches still haven't caught on with most people — and that's because no one has made a smartwatch that's worth its cost.


Australian e-government is a long way behind many other developed nations. Our national leadership has utterly failed to comprehend why e-government should have been a national priority decades ago, and continues to offer little in the way of policy direction.

Hence, our current solutions are a bizarre mish-mash of inconsistent approaches, making it confusing and frustrating for Australians. Every mis-step sets back public trust in online government services. Usability, reliability and security are the keys.


Have a think about what you'd like Netflix to do better. Are you thinking? What's on your wishlist?

If you wished for "offline access to Netflix", you wouldn't be alone. It has been one of the features customers have been shouting for over the last few years. Don't lose hope, streamers: we might be edging slowly closer to a world with offline Netflix, but not in a way you might recognise.


iPhone pre-orders open on Saturday at 5:01pm for Aussies, and carriers are already putting their pricing up. I've been going over the pricing and figured out the one thing that will always, always make you spend more money than you want to: the terrible data rates offered to you by Australian carriers.


The Abbott Coalition government came to power two years ago this week with a promise to change Labor’s fibre to the premises (FTTP) National Broadband Network (NBN) to one using less-expensive fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technologies, spruiking its network with the three-word slogan: “Fast. Affordable. Sooner.”


NBN Co is a black box. A company that — from the outside — looks so afraid of bad press that it will put terrible videos and press releases out there to get something vaguely close to a positive story. We don't ask the company questions anymore because we know we won't get answers. Only carefully tailored PR BS designed to throw us off whatever we may be writing.


After using it for a whole week, I was going to write a review of Apple Music for you all to read. Instead, I've come undone. The biggest problem with Apple Music isn't the catalogue, it isn't the sound, it isn't even the everything-old-is-new-again radio station Beats 1. It's the menus.