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The OLPC Foundation is still on their quest to bring technology to less developed parts of the world, and the latest plan is to release the XO-4 Touch in 2013. It will be a tablet/laptop hybrid with a 7.5-inch, multitouch display designed for constant exposure to sunlight and a low-power Marvell chipset.


Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child initiative has historically been more about promise than fulfilment. But in the $US100 XO 3.0 tablet, OLPC may have its first product that's not just practical, capable or cheap. It's actually… good.


While it's probably not very practical for typical day-to-day laptop use, the Sugar Linux desktop environment, designed for the OLPC project, is a novel take on user interfaces. Now, Sugar Labs has released Sugar on a Stick, a version of the OS that is designed to boot, run and save data from and on a USB drive.


Sure, for gadget nuts like you and me, the XO OLPC may not quite have the grunt to be usable, but for the poor, indigenous communities out in the middle of the Northern Territory, it's fantastic. And a couple of days ago, the first OLPCs were officially handed out to Aboriginal primary school children at Shepherdson College on Elcho Island, Northern Territory.