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I'm not terribly fussy about how I read. I used an old Kindle Keyboard until a stray pen in my backpack broke its display, and I've long happily used a Paperwhite without so much as considering the fancier Kindles Amazon has released since I got it back in 2013. Hell, half the time I'm just reading on the Kindle smartphone app for a few minutes here and there between glances at my email. So the new Kindle Oasis, the company's most advanced reading gadget yet, is not designed for me. But goddamn, it's great.

It's pilot season, and Amazon is again asking viewers to suggest which of their shows should move forward this year. One of them is Oasis, a sci-fi drama about a chaplain who helps bring religion to a dying space colony. Also, God might be there. Or aliens. Or both. It's kind of hard to tell at this point.