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If you've dropped a small fortune on a large pair of thumping headphones to replace the wimpy earbuds that came with your smartphone, you might not be getting all the sound you paid for. The headphone jack on most mobile devices is fine for powering smaller cans, but they usually lack the oomph needed to fully power a larger pair.


Fitting quality audio components into slim laptops and tiny smartphones takes nothing short of a herculean effort, so it's often overlooked by hardware manufacturers. Realising this, NuForce has spent the last year developing a line of products meant to enhance the tech we use daily, geared towards the not-quite-an-audiophile consumer who still wants good audio at a reasonable price. Its latest entry is the NuForce Cube, a combination speaker/headphone amp/USB DAC wrapped up in a tiny package for an audio boost on the go. But is it worth the extra weight?