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Identifying nudity online is a notoriously thorny issue. Is it a butt or a bent elbow? Renaissance art or porn? Well, now one company that builds algorithms to identify such differences has built a website that you can challenge with your own, um, material.


When it comes to something like transferring your data from your old phone to your new phone, sometimes it's just better to learn how to do it yourself. Why? Your carrier can sometimes do it for you at the store, but it takes a while, sometimes they'll charge you and they might also steal the nude photos you left on there. 


Despite the great things the internet has done, it's also made us prudish about having naked images of us captured, and that's made it harder to get people to take of their clothes for you. Until now...


I've never run a marathon, but I'd imagine it's trying enough without thousands of volts of electricity coursing through your convulsing, naked frame. Yes, naked - as was the case for Ohioan Brett Henderson. He didn't win the marathon.