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It seems kind of sad that we're still discussing the issue of mandatory web filtering, but until the Labor government decides to start listening to experts (or gets voted out of power), we don't really have a choice. yesterday, representatives from Facebook, Yahoo!7 and NineMSN told the Joint Select Committee on Cyber Safety that mandatory internet filtering isn't a viable option for protecting kids.


My first email account was a hotmail account. It was the heady days of 1998 - I was 18 and about to go and follow every young Australian's clichéd dream of backpacking through Europe. These were the days when finding an internet cafe was a rare occurrence, and even when you did you had to tolerate dial up speeds. Back then, I probably would have signed up for a hotmail.com.au email address if it was available. But that was over a decade ago, and today my hotmail account is a magnet for spam and newsletters I can't be bothered unsubscribing from.


A few years agio at CeBit in Sydney, you could gain entry be scanning a barcode that you'd received via MMS on your phone. It was awesome. Then it disappeared, never to be heard of (by me) again. But now, according to Danny Gorog over at APC, the next generation of that tech is on its way to iPhone users around the country, with Qantas developing ways for you to check in to your flight using your iPhone.

It's still a little while away yet, so in the meantime you'll have to settle for just being able to browse the Qantas website in a format especially designed for your iPhone. ANZ and NineMSN are also jumping on the iPhone-friendly website bandwagon, although both only have limited functionality as well at the moment.

The real question is though - is this just a few companies trying to leech some of the iPhone's neverending hype machine, or are they trying to create a truly convenient service using the iPhone's impressive feature set? Only time will tell...


It's April 1st, which means half of the stories you see here could be nothing more than an elaborate hoax. They're not, but they could be.

A couple of tech companies have actually put in a heap of effort to come up with some fairly elaborate April Fool's jokes. Google sent out a press release this morning about their new gDay technology, which allows users to Google search into the future.

Meanwhile, Whirlpool posted a press release on their site this morning announcing that they had been purchased by nineMSN for an undisclosed sum and would be integrated into the nineMSN family.

Of the two, the Whirlpool announcement was a lot more convincing (although some commenters on the news.com.au Google story were taken in by the joke). Hit the jump for the full April Fool's releases, if that kind of thing interests you...


Word just to hand is that you can now get a regular dose of schadenfreude through Vodafone live!, with ninemsn launching free TV action on the network. Australia's Funniest Home Videos is the real golden goose here - don't we all want our fix of home grown unintentional Jackass / YouTube moments wherever we go?

For those with no sense of humour, you can watch Getaway, The Footy Show Comedians (What's that? Some kind of stand up snippets, I guess), and the 2007 Tropfest films. Not a bad bunch of clips to kill some time in transit.

Maybe AFHV should be best left to the privacy of our homes. Is it really civil to laugh out loud in public at other people's misfortune, even if it is only a vid on your mobile?-Seamus Byrne