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The Nexus line is Google's Android champion, the annual display of Android in its purest form. As we get closer to this year's refresh, rumours are beginning to flesh out what the Nexus 6 is going to look like. Here's what you can expect from the next great Android phone.


Vodafone Australia's Nexus S customers were set to be the first to get upgraded to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean today, until the telco realised that the software it was rolling out to customers didn't meet Australian regulatory standards.


Yesterday afternoon, a Nexus S review unit landed on my desk. This morning, Vodafone officially confirmed that the second "Google Phone" would launch in Australia this Friday morning at 9am, available exclusively online. Coincidence? Not at all...


Given that Vodafone had a limited release of the original Google phone, the Nexus One, it's no surprise they've got dibs on its successor, the Nexus S. In a statement released last night, the telco confirmed they'll be bringing the phone to Vodafone stores around the world, including those in Australia.


It's not easy being an Android. Sure, you're cute enough as a logo, but it's still the phones that get most of the attention. Until this little guy took matters into his own hands, and into outer space.