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A new generation of mini 7-inch to 8-inch tablets from three of the major manufacturers has just completed with the belated launch of the Apple iPad mini with retina display. While the Kindle Fire HDX, Nexus 7, and new iPad mini all have improved displays over their previous year counterparts, only one truly stands out — as lagging significantly behind.


Ah, shopping. Well, shopping for gadgets. It's almost like weekends were designed to separate your dollars from your wallet, purse or other currency container of choice. If you're in the mood for an Android tablet, particularly Google's second generation Nexus 7, there are a couple local retailers selling it at a discount.


Over a year after its release, the 2012 Nexus 7 was still the best small tablet on the market. Finally, another tablet has come to usurp the throne, and amazingly, it's the second coming of our favourite tablet. Meet the incredible 2013 Nexus 7 tablet from Google and Asus.


Google's Nexus 7 was the best small tablet of 2012. Rather than mess with success, Google did something uncharacteristically conservative: it made little improvements here and there and left the rest mostly as is. The result? This year's Nexus 7 is more low rumble than tectonic shift, but it's still our new favourite tablet. For now at least.


The ace team at iFixit has given the ol' teardown to the new Google Nexus 7 and they've discovered that the rear case is very easy to open, that it's taller, narrower and thinner and that there's an... inductive charging coil (the first iFixit has seen in a tablet). The battery inside the new Nexus 7 is slightly smaller too even though it's gained an hour of battery life (3950mAh vs the old 4326mAh).


The first batch of new Nexus 7s are in the hands of testers, so what’s the first thing everyone does? Run benchmarks, of course. And what do they all tell us? Google’s new tablet is blazing fast; especially considering it’s saddled with last year’s top-of-the-line processor. It’s almost as fast as an HTC One for goodness sake.


After Google's Nexus 7 announcement today, we had the opportunity to put the new device through its paces, and it did not disappoint. The new unit is noticeably lighter than its predecessor, and its narrower form factor makes it easier to fit in a back pocket without busting seams.


Well, we already knew pretty much everything there was to know about the new Nexus 7 before Google's official announcement. But even though nothing was really a surprise, that doesn't change the fact that it's one sweet piece of tablet — even when compared to some of the top contenders.


Google formally unveiled the newest iteration of its Nexus 7 tablet at today's press conference in San Francisco. Turns out this past week's leaked spec and grainy product shots (and last night's pretty-darn-clear ones) were dead on: this thing is freakin' sweet.