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Google's own smartphone and small tablet have both had refreshes this year, but what of the full-size Nexus 10? New internal shots have reportedly leaked out, and it's going to be LG's show if they're to be believed.


This is the year tablets stopped being a one-horse race. There are real options now, and that means making real decisions. Here's how the top four choices compare — and which one measures up to be the best.


The tablet market went through some huge changes in 2012. Apple finally introduced a (somewhat) more affordable iPad. Microsoft released Windows 8 and launched its own hardware. And, for the first time, every major player had a tablet that was actually, you know, good.


Mark Serrels is a gadget whisperer. He can not only produce fine words for Kotaku Australia, but he can instantly tell whether a gadget is worth its salt after 10-seconds. From now on, I'll be giving all the new gadgets that come across my desk the Mark Serrels 10-second review test. First up is the new Nexus 10 from Google and Samsung.


Back in June, Google launched the Nexus 7 tablet. It was as fast as most high-end tablets and it only cost $249. It was a major hit. But not everybody is sold on the seven-inch form factor yet. Which is why the Nexus 10 is here to steal your hearts.


BriefMobile got its hands on what it says is the upcoming Google Nexus 10 tablet. Supposedly manufactured by Samsung, the tablet is said to have a dual-core 1.7GHz Samsung Exynos processor, a 2560x1600 retina-grade display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a five-megapixel camera, NFC and Android 4.2, which is still called Jelly Bean.