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Thanks to Steve Jobs, it's way more likely that you learned about his death from a smartphone than a newspaper, but editors all over the world paid tribute to Jobs's impact with impressive, often sentimental, front pages.


If you aren't sure what panegyric, immiscible or Manichaean mean (or if they're even really English), fear not! Turns out nobody else does either. These literary head-scratchers are among the 50 most obscure words used by the New York Times this year.


The fruits of today's The Sun hack are starting to dangle down: LulzSec (out of retirement?) and Anon are tweeting logins of some serious British media brass. Foremost? Rebekah Brooks, the epicentre of England's voicemail hacking scandal. Update: phone numbers!


As delightful as it's been to watch Rupert Murdoch's British fiefdom slowly drown in a foul swamp of wickedness and criminality, it's worth remembering that all good reporters are amoral monsters and that without a lot of highly questionable behaviour on the part of sordid hacks around the world, we wouldn't know half the things we need to know.