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Donald J. Trump, businessman and US president-elect, finally had his meeting with the New York Times this week. In their lengthy chat, the ascendant leader of the free world shared what appeared to be words of wisdom passed down to him by a cartoon sea captain: "The wind is a very deceiving thing."


The New York Times is currently tracking the state of tonight's hellish presidential election with what appears to be a ... pressure gauge? Speedometer? SocialFlow resonance meter? ... illustrating the leading candidate's chances at winning the Electoral College and thus the presidency. As you can see above, as of this writing, the paper's little gizmo is indicating that Donald J. Trump has a ">95%" chance of occupying the White House.


I look to my left and see a sorrowful parent sitting on the curb, comforting his daughter. I look to my right, and I see notes of sympathy among many flowers. Around me, I hear people murmuring respects and singing in French. I'm in the middle of a vigil in the streets of Paris, a week after last month's tragic shooting.