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A band of tech giants -- including Apple, Samsung and Nokia -- has sent a letter to US Congress, urging it to free more spectrum for mobile data. The Hill reports today that the companies explained to congress that authorising new spectrum auctions is "timely and relevant" to current debates over the "fiscal cliff".


Optus and Vodafone have signed an agreement to share more of their 3G and 4G infrastructure, allowing them to expand coverage more quickly and for Vodafone customers in regional areas to eventually roam onto Optus' network where Vodafone coverage is weaker or non-existent. What will that mean for customers of both networks? Will it threaten performance and reception? What happens if you access those networks via another provider? We've got all the answers.


If you were worried about signing up for the NBN and then watching the price go up exponentially, lay your fears aside. NBN Co has announced that it is fixing its wholesale price for five years, before raising them at half the rate of inflation after that.


Lately, anytime the gaping maw of US carrier AT&T opens, no matter what it's talking about -- puppies! or unlimited data (boring) or financial data -- it has to slip in at least a tiny reference to how badly the T-Mobile merger has to happen, or all of our phones are going to explode and the puppies will die and go extinct forever.


With every passing week, the NBN becomes more of a permanent reality for Australians. This week: porn expected to drive NBN uptake (who'd have guessed?), iiNet chief calls for end to politicised debate, and the consumer watchdog warns ISPs against overstating NBN speed claims.


It's no secret that Giz isn't a fan of the government's filter. Though Telstra has now adopted a more moderate voluntary framework (and Optus soon will), other ISPs like Internode and iiNet call it "security theatre" bypassed with basic DNS tweaks. The latest filter news: NBN Co has confirmed it won't be filtering—that will remain in the hands of ISPs.


With every passing week, the NBN becomes more of a permanent reality for Australians. This week: Telstra says its NBN deal won't stop it pushing Next G wireless, PCRange CEO gets switched on like a kid at Christmas, and more!