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Windows 8 hardware sales are off to a slow start as shoppers scratch their heads over Microsoft's new operating system and flock to low-cost tablets instead. Could a souped-up netbook save the day? The latest hybrids powered by Intel Atom processors promise the best of both worlds: the versatility of a laptop combined with the portability of a touch screen slate. But now that we've tested a couple of these detachables, I've concluded that the folks who price these things are detached from reality.


I remember when Netbooks were the hot new amazing thing, but they've been rather eclipsed by cheap tablets in more recent times. Efforts from Intel could see the ailing category reborn, according to current rumours.


Those of an old timer perspective like myself — or as I like to think of it, suitably seasoned — will know that every couple of years, the dusty but beloved old Amiga brand gets a reheating and a semi-fresh spark of life. The latest Amiga products due for release next year? Amiga netbooks.