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NBN needs to ditch copper-based Fibre to the Node, says lobby group Internet Australia, saying it is "essential for Australia's economic and social development" to abandon the technology in favour of Fibre to the distribution point.

And no, it says, it's not too late.

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Inner-city apartment residents have the option to bulk purchase higher-speed connections from NBN Co under the government-owned company's plan to add nearly 4 million premises to its network this year.

The NBN at present is planning to service the majority of remaining premises by using existing copper telephone lines and cabling from the homes to connect to nodes which are then part of its fibre network.

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It's hard to take NBN's "Ready For Service" numbers seriously when you keep hearing about connection horror stories and the appalling lack of accountability.

NBN boasts that more than 5.7 million homes and businesses are now able to order broadband from a Retail Service Provider, as the nationwide rollout adds up to 100,000 new properties to its footprint each week. Some of these homes certainly aren't celebrating, as the NBN rollout has left them with no home phone or fixed-line broadband for months.

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NBN Co has proudly announced that the rollout of the National Broadband Network is halfway complete, with 5.7 million homes and businesses connected. But not everyone is excited to have the NBN connected - and its new promo did an unfortunate job of showcasing why.


NBN has reached a major milestone - one in two Australians can now connect to the network.

But since Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised every Australian would have access to the NBN by the end of 2016 - and over 5.5 million homes and small businesses are still waiting - is there really cause for celebration?


The ACCC today opened a program where 4000 households will be recruited to test broadband speeds across the country - 2000 of them starting this year.

Because a wide cross-section of households from around the country are needed to sign up, from a range of retail service providers, using a range of broadband technologies on different tiered speed plans - there's a public call out.


Building the Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) portion of its network has begun, NBN announced today. Alongside the announcement comes the news that some homes and businesses "will have a revised timeline" on when you can connect.

Here's how to find out when you'll be getting NBN at your place.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has made its final decision regarding the regulation of high-speed internet services supplied by non-NBN fixed line networks - and if they can pass the "NBN tax" charge to customers.

In a change from the draft decision, the ACCC is letting non-NBN networks to pass on the Government's proposed Regional Broadband Scheme charge on their customer lines to help fund NBN's supply of non-commercial regional fixed wireless and satellite services.


NBN has just released its third-quarter results, boasting what it calls "strong performance results across all key metrics" and a push towards hitting its full-year goals. What that means for you: the NBN is being rolled out more quickly, with twice as many premises hooked up as the same time last year.