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Not all internet providers are equal – especially when it comes to the NBN.

There’s about a million different factors that can affect the speed and quality of your connection, which can make signing up for a new plan feel a bit like wandering through a minefield. No one wants to get stuck with a dud service.

Thankfully, some providers have been doing a bang-up job of delivering high quality NBN, and thanks to the ACCC’s “Measuring Broadband Australia” program – which relies on real world testing data from Australian households – we’ve got a better idea of who they are.

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If you're blessed enough to have NBN access in your home but don't want to pay through the nose for it, I have some good news - you don't have to.

It is possible to have a fast, reliable NBN service with unlimited data from providers who don't charge insane premiums or lock you into a contract. A few of them are even having a post-Christmas sale.

Earlier today NBN Co released its progress summary for the first quarter of FY2019... right when the above image was doing the rounds on the internet. How's that for timing?

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NBN Co has launched a new Enterprise Ethernet product over its broadband access network for business and government customers. Boasting point-to-point fibre connections with 'symmetrical' speeds of up to 1Gbps, it has been billed as the network's first internationally compliant wholesale offering. Here are the details.

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You might be surprised to learn that location is starting to take second place to internet connectivity as a search criteria for new office space. And this is causing a massive problem.

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NBN connections are becoming available in more and more places as the network rolls out, but it's not worth rushing into the switch even if you've been waiting for years. Switching over to the NBN can be complicated, so here's what you need to make sure you do before you take the leap.

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Has your NBN connection been less congested in the last year or so? Unfortunately I've got some bad news for you: At the end of October NBN Co will conclude a temporary promotional deal on extra bandwidth for retailers, and that's expected to bring back some of that dreaded congestion.

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As we're all aware - and probably sick of hearing -- NBN speeds are a contentious topic. Picking an NBN plan should be a simple equation where we weigh up the speed and data included in a plan versus the price you pay. But it hasn't turned out to be so neat and tidy.

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While NBNCo would like us to all wait patiently for their trucks to roll along our streets and connect us to the national network, the reality is that a combination of impatience and mixed reports of network performance have many people considering the alternatives. While the NBN garners lots of attention and a connection to your home is mandatory, you don't actually have to use that connection. There are alternative services that mean you can sidestep signing up with the NBN/RSP combination. Here are some of the alternatives.

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Good news for anyone wholly fed up with waiting for the NBN, or having the NBN and still experiencing terrible connection speeds. Another company is stepping in to offer their own super-fast wireless network, one that's not wholly broken from being tossed around in an endless game of political football. There's a catch, though: you might have to move if you want to get connected.

Released today, the third annual Australian Digital Inclusion Index report shows that digital inclusion – a measure of digital access, affordability and ability – has improved for Australians over the past 12 months.

While the gains were modest across the country (reflecting the trend since 2014), the digital inclusion score recorded by Tasmania rose substantially. This improvement is partly a result of the rapid and extensive uptake of NBN services across a state where the rollout is now essentially complete.

There's been a surge in "remote access" scams of late, with more than 8,000 Aussies losing a total of $4.4 million to Telstra, NBN, Microsoft and even NSW Police impersonators.

Here's what to be on the lookout for.

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History is littered with grandiose statements that seemed reasonable(ish) at the time but were proven to be completely ludicrous. There's the statement made by Bill Gates that 640K of memory ought to be enough for everyone and Thomas John Watson, the Chairman of IBM saying there was a market in the world for just five computers. And now, NBNCo has come up with their own version - the 100Mbps speed limit.