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Australia continues to fall behind most of the developed world when it comes to home broadband internet speeds. According to Akamai's latest State of the Internet Report, our internet connection speeds are now slower than 50 other nations, including the likes of Thailand, Estonia, Bulgaria and Kenya. Here's the full list of countries with better internet than Australia. (It makes for painful reading.)


Optus is ignoring the NBN's 18-month switchover commitment and threatening to cut off cable customers within weeks, using strongarm tactics to sign them up as Optus NBN customers before they can consider changing provider.


The NBN comes in many shapes and sizes. In addition to the myriad technology types being deployed, there are also different NBN "tiers" that determine the speed you receive and the price you pay. A recent study by customer satisfaction research group Canstar Blue has revealed the most affordable plans for each available speed tier - from 12Mbps all the way up to 100Mbps. Here is the list.


NBN has updated its online "address checker" - instead of telling you when NBN is available in your area, it now tells you when you can contact a retailer to get connected, as well as what kind of technology will be used.


On 28 February, the National Broadband Network (NBN) will officially shut down its interim satellite service. While closure sounds threatening, that's largely good news for satellite customers, who are generally located in very remote areas and have had little choice about how they get broadband.