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Alright, if you haven't seen Breaking Bad's final episode, then stop right here because we're now entering spoiler territory! If you have, well, you'll be very aware of a certain piece of boot weaponry that served as a lead-powered denouement for the series. If you're wondering if such a thing could be built and actually work, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are here to help.


Businesses have to advertise their products and while no one appreciates being pitched to, there are good ways of going about it and... well, not so good ways. Corning has managed to put together are more appealing method of selling its super-tough and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass by recruiting Mythbusters pair Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to show off the qualities of its transparent aluminium (at least, that's what Montgomery Scott would call it).


Adam Savage isn't just one half of the Mythbusters power duo, he's the patron saint of awesome nerdiness. With decades in the movie prop and special effects business, he's got a jaw-dropping collection of cool stuff — and now you can tour Savage's Cave on Google Street View. Let's take a gander!


Mythbusters is one of those shows that, if you love technology, you just have to watch. Every episode, special effects gurus Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are testing myths — and blowing stuff up — and if you tune in, you'll learn a lot. The show is coming to Australia for a live tour in August — here's what you can expect to see.


Because we all love blowing things up, testing weird theories and generally shooting at each other in video games, right? Thankfully, our curiosity is being satisfied once again thanks to the folks over at DefendTheHouse and their GTA V Mythbusters.


Will a car with no fuel still explode when you set it on fire? Can you be blown back by the wash from a fighter jet? Do motorcycle helmets reduce damage when you ride head-first into a wall? These and many more myths are being challenged in the latest GTA V Mythbusters episode.