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Duncan Jones is heading to the world of comics for his next film. Joaquin Phoenix talks about the long road to his Joker origin movie. Capcom wants to bring Monster Hunter to the world of animation. Plus, a look at young Newt Scamander in The Crimes of Grindelwald, and Legends of Tomorrow heads to the ‘60s. Behold, spoilers!

Ohayo, my outstanding outgoing mail packages! Apologies for being late; all I can do is promise that it's another extra-long instalment, thanks to the abundance of great letters you guys keep sending me. So, this week: Some hard truths about the Avengers, some Wonder Woman plot holes filled, way more Tom Bombadil than is strictly necessary, and more!

Earth can be crappy. Sometimes, being whisked away by a passing starship sounds like a pretty good idea. However, it completely depends on who's behind the controls. Hanging with the Arrival heptapods would be pretty chill. Being kidnapped by any of the following kidnap-happy aliens, however, would not.

Fans don't like to let their favourites go, but now they don't have to. We live in a world desperate to remake, reboot, and flat-out return to beloved franchises, hunting the closest thing to a sure audience there is. But the more beloved these continuations are, they harder they are to get right. Fans want them to somehow be exactly the same while still being fresh and new, an impossible request -- except, it turns out, for the return of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Felicia Day was famously mistreated by Dr Horrible, but now the lab coat is on the other back. As Kinga Forrester, the new Mad tormenting Jonah and the 'Bots on the upcoming Mystery Science Theatre 3000, it's her turn to be evil -- and not just on-screen. Here, Day relates her serious bad movie cred and explains the perfect way she joined MST3K's anticipated return.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is almost back! (Oh man, saying that still gives me shivers.) It's been a long time coming, but the reboot is finally set to debut on Netflix on April 14. And while the first season's already in the can, we've got a few suggestions for what Jonah Ray, Tom Servo, and Crow T. Robot should riff next.