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With rebel forces in Tripoli and Muammar Gaddafi on the run, the end could be near for the Libyan civil war. Sporadic fighting continues in the capital city of the oil-rich North African nation, NATO warplanes are still patrolling overhead, and there's always the danger of Gadhafi true-believers launching a fresh insurgency.


Two armed Libyan government personnel are firing teargas on protesters in a city street. A common sight except for the uncommon vehicles they're in: US-built Toyota Tundra utes, modified for combat by a US company. An exclusive Jalopnik investigation reveals how these trucks ended up in the hands of Moammar Qaddafi's government.


When Colonel Gaddafi seized control of the internet and jammed cellular networks, it left two million Libyans without secure wireless communication to each other or the world. It also caused mayhem for the rebels, who were left coordinating their battle fronts with only hand signals, "a throw-back that proved disastrous," says the WSJ.


After bombarding and destroying all of Gaddafi's anti-aircraft missile batteries, the Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn is now controlling the Libyan air space. These are the weapons that have been deployed in the area.