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Android tablets come and Android tablets go, but one thing is for certain - wait long enough and you'll get yourself a good deal on some impressive hardware. Online Computer is selling the 32GB 3G version of the Motorola Xoom for $399 unlocked, which is a pretty awesome price given the specs.


It takes a lot of faith to shell out something like $US600 for a 4G LTE tablet that isn't able to get on the 4G network. But that's what anyone who bought a non-Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom did. And according to a tipster over at Phandroid, their patience has finally paid off. Because they received an email instructing how to ship your Xoom to Motorola so it can get those new 4G goodies.


Verizon Wireless is pushing out a software update for Motorola XOOMs today, which will allow users to download Flash Player 10.2 from the Android Market when it becomes available next Friday, March 18. The update also includes clock adjustments for daylight savings time.


It's taken almost a year to get here. The first tablet to matter since the original iPad. The Xoom is the first real Android tablet. It arrived ahead of the iPad 2 by a hair. Since it's living in the "year of iPad 2", as Apple put it, it seemed only fitting to wait to drop judgment until we'd seen everything the iPad 2 had to offer. Frankly, there's no way the Xoom could live up to everything it needs to be. It's not even done yet, really. It has problems. But it's still very good. It's the first non-iPad tablet worth buying. And it'll get better.


Beauty, as they say, is only skin deep. So let's take a look at the Motorola Xoom's hypetastic insides, shall we? There aren't too many surprises in iFixit's tablet teardown, but if you want an up close look at that sweet Tegra 2 - and a cheat to bump it up to 4G hotness right away - head on over there now.