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Anyone who's ever signed up for a NBN connection or even a regular ADSL line knows how frustrating it is to wait for a tech appointment. But eventually, one day that might be a distant memory. Telstra has just announced plans to release a home modem router early next year that includes integrated 4G as well as a fixed-line connection -- cutting what can sometimes be a painful wait for customers to get their home 'net connected.


In 1998, the year the first 56K modem was available for purchase, I was in the eighth grade. At that age anything that was not a video game was useless to me. Most of my reading material was still on paper. Porn was still the occasional nipple floating beneath a scrambled TV miasma. It was a simpler time.


Is your home internet feeling a little on the slow side? Having trouble diagnosing the issues yourself? Let us help you out: we're here with all the tips and tricks you need to know to get the most out of your home broadband connection for streaming everything from YouTube content through to Apple TV and Netflix.


Not so long ago, hopping onto the internet required more than just opening a browser. In the dial up days you'd have to wait for your modem to screech and squawk as it connected. Looking back through years of nostalgia, those sounds were strangely satisfying and often times melodic, which explains why someone has created a tiny electronic keyboard that lets you turn a dialup modem's sounds into your own symphony.


Fresh from the news that it's buying Internode, iiNet's is already teasing its upcoming hardware. Simon Watt from the company's Lab team says early 2012 will see a product that a "few wireless modem owners will find it very interesting." (These sketches labelled Bob3 accompany his post). Then he mentions a "super-secret new product"…


The sound of waiting for your dial-up modem to connect probably induces enough nightmarish flashbacks as it is. But when you slow that same smattering of scratches and clangs down 700 per cent, you get the soundtrack to the scariest part of every Wes Craven movie ever.


If you're the type of person who gets all excited by the prospect of updating your router (you know who you are) and you've got a thing for iiNet, you'll be excited to know that iiNet has priced and dated its successor to the well-received BoB device, the BoB2.


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Remember the analogue modem? Those noisy unreliable screamers that used to rule our online life? Anna Jane Grossman* - Gizmodo collaborator and author - made this video of people paying homage to the venerable device: The human modem handshake, 2400bps full duplex.