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The art of mixtape making has sadly been lost in our transition to a digital era of on-demand music, but there are still places where you can practice this lost skill, and one of them is YouTube. Here are the steps to assemble your group of songs and share them with a special someone or the world at large.


There's something a little bit magical about putting together a mixtape, a carefully curated list of songs designed to impress your musical taste on others, to showcase some of the hidden gems you've uncovered, or perhaps just impress a girl you like. You don't get the same kind of magic with a Spotify playlist, but you can find something of a compromise with Tape.ly.


A decade ago, even after CD burners were ubiquitous, mixtapes were still the jam. It really mattered what kind of tapes you used. If you went cheap, it meant you didn't care about what was recorded on them. Shame on you.