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I'm actually quite ashamed to admit this, but the Dell Mini 9 is the first netbook I've really actually tested. Sure, I've mucked around with a few other machines at media events and the local Harvey Norman, but just like at high school when that girl on the train fell chest first into the back of my arm, that doesn't mean I made it to second base. Still, as far as losing my netbook virginity, it seems the Dell was a pretty good place to start.


Remember Vodafone's Dell Mini 9 Deal? The one where you got a free Mini 9 for $0 upfront on a 24-month contract? Well, Voda have just made the deal sweeter (though still not sweeter than buying the Mini 9 upfront and adding a 3G data plan) by dropping the monthly repayments to $60 a month. On top of that, they're also offering "three months free access) where new customers will be credited for the 5th, 6th and 7th month of their 24-month contract. UPDATE: Voda's PR has informed me, with some mathematic evidence, that it is actually cheaper to buy the Mini 9 this way rather than buy the notebook outright and add Voda's 3G data plan, even without the three months free access, by about $100. That makes this even more appealing!