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If you thought that private, LEGO surveillance blimps were something from some kind of bizarre steampunk dystopia, you'd only be half-right. Two endeavouring LEGO tinkerers, Tyler Westmoreland and Chris Shepard, have brought such a thing into being using nothing but Mindstorms and a couple of balloons.


LEGO Mindstorms are incredible. It was teaching kids, students and grown-ups alike about programming long before devices like the Raspberry Pi mini-computer were even conceived. I stopped using them a while ago and while I wasn't looking, Mindstorms suddenly got amazing. Here's a bunch of robots working together to simulate a Las Vegas table game.


Lego savant Hans Andersson has created an updated version of his Time Twister clock that's even more fascinating to watch. If you're in a hurry the complicated spinning mechanisms that slowly update the display will drive you crazy. But if you're a fan of brilliant Lego designers finding new uses for Mindstorms, this is right up your alley.


I seriously can't imagine any better use for Lego Mindstorms than building a machine that can serve two types of Dutch beer, chilling them down at the perfect drinking temperature, opening the bottle and serving them. Can you? CAN YOU?