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Fans of the undeniably geek-chic Mimobot flash drives will be pleased to hear there's a new edition out for this year's fast-approaching All Hallow's Even... the RayD8gig. It's an 8-gigabyte inverse colour version of RayD8, and it glows in the dark, ohoho yes. But if you're tempted you need to move fast: there's a strictly limited edition of just 200 of these hitting the streets. Yours, skeletally, for $US100.

Mimobot, fine purveyors of geeky collectible flash drives, have introduced the next batch of Star Wars flash drives. There's an egg-headed C-3PO, Wicket, Imperial Guard and my favourite, Emperor Palpatine, who's channeling Dark Side force zaps at all times, keeping your data safe. Like the last batch they can play Star Wars sounds when you mount and unmount, if you want to go there.

The latest batch of mimobot designer flash drives for Spring continue their artist series, this time fronting Italian artist Simone Legno's Tokidoki brand. There's just three in the set, but they're all pretty awesome: Pirate Nero, obviously a frickin' pirate; Pastaio, who looks like demon kitty chef; and Meletta, which has a monkey on it. They're 1, 2 and 4GB and are fast enough for ReadyBoost. As always, you're not paying for the guts (US$40, US$60, US$100) but the candy coating, which we still think is pretty sweet.

Apparently designed for tree-hugging hippies, Castro residents and ex-Hello Kitty addicts, the latest Mimobots are the same-old USB memory sticks dressed in new plastics. And yes, like the previous generations, these FriendsWithYou models are equally as cute, sugar-level-boostery and almost-irresistible. Almost. I personally like Super Malfi, the flower-power smallpox one.

Mimobots, those adorable USB flash drives created to look like various characters, are about to be joined by a new set of Star Wars peeps. Sure, Darth Vader, Chewy, R2-D2 and a Stormtrooper have been out for a while, but now you can preorder Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Boba Fett. What, no Admiral Akbar? Ah well. In any case, these dudes will drop come January, but you can put your order in for them now. They'll set you back $US50 for a 1GB drive, $US70 for 2GB, and $US110 for 4GB.

Mimoco's got these Limited Edition Master Chief USB Drives in 1, 2 and 4GB sizes. They're preloaded with artwork from the upcoming Halo novel and an episode of "This Spartan Life", they're pricey at $109 for the larger model, but given the Halo feeding frenzy, they would still sell out of the limited run if they charged 50% more.

Speaking as a guy who actually owns a Domo-kun shirt, these Domokun mimobots are pretty much the best drives ever. Mimobots are flash drives shaped like random characters you know, but this one's of our favourite Japanese stop-motion monster who also enjoys killing kittens. You know the one.

I know that underneath their tarted up plastic shells, they're just regular USB drives, but I dig the whole mimobot concept anyway because I have a soft spot for overpriced art toys. While the guts haven't changed since the last update (1, 2, or 4GB sizes, for $50, $70 and $110, respectively), mimoco just dropped 15 new designs. The kickers are probably the Happy Tree Friends series, which is loaded up with animations, screensavers and other presumably bloody HTF content, so they're undoubtedly great presents for small children.