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Windows Phone may be on life support, but Microsoft seems committed to keeping it alive -- even if it means killing off the last vestiges of Nokia's storied Lumia brand. New reports say the Lumia name may be abandoned in favour of Surface, with a possible new Surface Phone coming out within the next couple of months.

Search for the phrase "Windows phone" in Microsoft's announcement of the new Lumia 650 and you'll find... nothing. Sure, it's a Windows phone, but Microsoft has well and truly decided to go all-in on its strategy of aligning its powerful Windows 10 tablet and laptop and desktop devices with the lower-powered Windows 10 Mobile platform to attract customers.

Microsoft has announced that the "sleek and productive" Lumia 650 is available to buy from today for $299.

With a metal frame and 5-inch HD OLED display, Microsoft says the the Lumia 650 provides "sophisticated design at an affordable price" and is perfect for both business and personal use.