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Every year, gadget companies like to flaunt out their latest flagship smartphones and show off all of the "revolutionary" features that will make this slab of glass and metal different from the nearly-identical looking slab of glass and metal already in our pockets.


A leaked email has all but confirmed the recently revealed Kin phones will launch on Verizon in May. Thanks to the internal memo, we know the launch should be May 13, with preorder starting May 6.


Do you wear stupid hats? Glasses that cover more than 35 per cent percent of your face? Have a beard, even though you can't fully grow one? Wear jeans that fit extraordinarily well? Love coke? Then you'll adore Microsoft's Kin, in theory!


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And here is what Microsoft Kin looks like. The interface is very Motoblur-like - and a bit sluggish. It's definitely underpowered enough for you to think that the phone is slow, but not so much that it's totally unusable.