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In 2018, the Oxford English Dictionary added words like beerfest, jumbotron, modder, antifa, binge-watch, and nothingburger, reflecting the awful, awful times we live in. But have you ever wondered what words officially entered our lexicon the year you were born? Probably not, but it turns out Merriam-Webster's Time Traveller tool is a fascinating archive of when certain technologies, trends, or pop-culture references came to be.

Pop culture plays a huge part in the process of transforming made up, nonsensical words into perfectly acceptable parts of the lexicon. Today, Merriam-Webster announced via Twitter that "embiggen" - a word that frequently pops up in Marvel's Ms Marvel series whenever Kamala Khan shapeshifts her body to make it larger - is one of the 850 new words most recently added to the dictionary.