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We already know that Gizmodo has one of the best online communities in the Australian tech industry, but now we want to take it to the real world as well. Thanks to Microsoft and Windows Azure, we're hosting trivia nights in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane next month, so the Gizmodian community can meet up in real life, share a drink and maybe even win some pretty cool prizes.


In case you forgot, this Thursday night we'll be celebrating Gizmodo Day, and thanks to international time zones, we'll be one of the first places to celebrate. The team from Giz AU will be having some drinks down at the James Squires Brewery on King Street Wharf in Sydney, so come down and join us!


On August 12, Gizmodo Staff in New York, San Francisco, London, Sydney and other cities will be organising meetups, and we're looking for readers to organise Meetups in their own cities!