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Google TV may not be any closer to landing in Australia yet, but Beyonwiz has hacked together a media player that may tide you over while you wait. The WizOTT is an Android-powered box that offers FullHD media streaming playback plus the widgety joy of an Android device.


Last week, I got the opportunity to sit down with the guys from D-Link Australia for a preview of the new Boxee Box. I took the opportunity to hit them up with all your questions. Here are their responses, courtesy of Scott Howell from D-Link Australia.


Remember that WD TV device we showed you the other day? It's now available in Australia. I know - it's like a world record or something for us to get a product like this within days of the US. Somebody call Guinness.

Anyway, the thing will set you back $199, connect to your TV via HDMI and playback all that illegally downloaded content from bittorrent you've got stored on an external hard drive. It'll also do photos and music, and comes with a cheap-looking remote control. Still for $199, you can't expect a frickin' Harmony remote, can you?


Western Digital, better known for storage than HD video equipment, looks to have thrown their hat into the video streaming ring with the WD TV HD Media Player. With two USB 2.0 drives working simultaneously, you can plug in your USB storage and stream to your HDTV in 1080p over HDMI or composite. The diminutive box comes with a remote control and what seems to be proprietary browsing software. It's available now from Best Buy for a competitive $US130, which is a solid price for an HD streamer even if it's snuck in under the radar a bit.