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George Foreman changed the kitchen game when he slapped his name on a low-rent panini press and sold it to the masses. In the late 90s and early aughts, the George Foreman Grill was the kitchen appliance to own — after the refrigerator, microwave, and stove. But what if the George Foreman grill wasn't that cheapo appliance your grandma bought you when you went to college? What if it was a super smart device that could cook your food perfectly without you ever keeping an eye on it. That might just be what the Cinder Precision Grill is — the magical meat maker I've always wanted.


We ate some weird stuff in 2016. A person born in the year 1000 AD definitely wouldn't comprehend a Dorito. He certainly wouldn't understand why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and if you showed him a Twinkie, he'd probably burn you at the stake. But the way things are headed, our food is bound to get a lot weirder.


Video: Like any respectable eater of meat, I pretty much like every kind of barbecue that exists. There are few things that taste better than something cooked long and slow with smoke and over indirect heat. Texas style, Kansas City style, Carolina style, Korean barbecue, char siu, it's all delicious.


Our eyes got fat in 2015. With all kinds of yummy GIFs and daring food porn and meals that looked so good we considered eating our laptops and monitors in hopes of tasting the visual deliciousness, it was a hunger inducing year for eyeballs. Here are some of the best food GIFs we made in 2015.


Homemade sausage is so good and so cheap to make that you'll never buy it from a store again. Here's my take on a super healthy hot Italian.

Warning: I'll keep it gore free, but there's going to be pictures of a dead animal and its subsequent parts inside. It's nothing you won't see wrapped in plastic on a grocery store shelf, but if you're going to have a problem with that, maybe don't scroll further.