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David Ayer's Bright is incredibly ambitious. Too ambitious, in fact. It's an avalanche of conflicting movie ideas all jammed into one. Some of them are fascinating, others familiar, and a few are downright awful. The result is a off-putting hodgepodge that never comes together, but isn't wholly without its merits.

Last week, the full script Max Landis originally wrote and pitched for the Power Rangers movie reboot in 2013 made its way online. With the new movie so close (it premieres March 23), we thought we'd take a look to see what might have been. Honestly? We're pretty sure we're going to like this version better.

After "categorically denying" that he was working on a remake of An American Werewolf in London back in August, it looks like Max Landis (son of the original film's writer-director, John Landis) has revised his position. Deadline just reported that the film is officially a go, and the younger Landis will write it.