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Time to put some classic pop culture mythology to rest. So, in the third-season The Simpsons episode "Stark Raving Dad," Homer Simpson meets a mental health patient named Leon Kompowsky who believes that he's Michael Jackson. And he pulls off the voice well. So well, in fact, that fans have speculated for years, despite Jackson's name not appearing in the credits (Kompowsky's voice actor was credited as John Jay Smith), it was, in fact, Jackson doing the vocal work.

Video: Let's begin with some much-deserved kudos: Fan-o-rama, this fan-made Futurama flick, is just mind-boggling in its accuracy. The newly released trailer does its level best to capture the unusual characters, locations and pastel palette of Matt Groening's beloved show. Even the show's character designs have been brought to life... and that's the problem.