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A prominent research lab at MIT has terminated its relationship with Nectome, a new startup with the stated mission of preserving human brains such that they can be digitised and uploaded into a computer in the future, effectively bringing the dead back to life. But while MIT has chosen to distance itself from the for-profit company, it hasn't completely dismissed the futuristic prospect.

Ocean-dwelling creatures like whales, seals and walruses don't freeze in the icy waters thanks to their thick layers of insulating blubber. But how do scrawny sea otters stay warm? Their furry coats trap air which also works as an insulator, and researchers at MIT think that approach could help keep humans warmer under water, too.

In a breakthrough that will appeal to both spies and those who work with priceless but frail historical documents, researchers at MIT have developed a camera that uses terahertz radiation to peer at the text on pages of a book, without it having to be open.