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Guillermo del Toro’s Scary Stories gets a release date. Three comics industry icons have signed intriguing movie and TV deals. Plus, another sneak peek at Gotham’s final season, what’s to come on Supernatural and Legacies, and a new clip from Mary Poppins Returns. Spoilers, away!

Colin Trevorrow discusses his approach to Dinos roaming among us in the third Jurassic World movie. Nic Cage hypes up his next wild supernatural role. Stargirl recruits two more classic DC heroes. Plus, Jennifer Pierce suits up on Black Lightning, another Aquaman clip, and a first look at Playmobil: The Movie. Spoilers, go!

Can you even imagine sitting down and deciding to make a new Mary Poppins movie? It’s almost unfathomable. The original film is such a classic, is so influential, and it’s only become more revered over the decades. To revisit that world and characters, so many tough decisions would have to be made. And those would have to be the right decisions or you’ll forever be known as the person who ruined Mary Poppins.

That and more was the task ahead of Oscar-nominated director Rob Marshall when he decided to make Mary Poppins Returns.

It’s not unusual for popular actors to be cast in multiple movies and TV shows in a relatively short time period — but 2018 had an unusual number of performers doing double duty in notable genre projects. Here are six of our favourite ubiquitous faces this year.

You’d be hard pressed to go into Mary Poppins Returns wanting to love it and not walk out that way. Director Rob Marshall, along with his stellar cast and crew, have beautifully rekindled the spirit of the original 1964 Disney film and infused it with new life, music, and technology. It’s a film brimming with joy, colour, and passion, which, somehow, still feels like it forgot a little something along the way.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters teases an epic kaiju showdown. Jessica Chastain promises to take on the X-Men in Dark Phoenix. The new Aladdin remake could be adding new songs to the animated classic’s iconic soundtrack. Plus, a new look at the Kim Possible movie, and what’s to come on Titans. Spoilers, away!

Be honest. You wanted spoilers, but you're just watching that Avengers trailer over and over again, aren't you? Well, when you're done with that: Anne Hathaway joins the remake of The Witches. There's tiny little teases of what to expect from Episode IX. Plus, Godzilla and Aquaman footage! Spoilers, we're in the endgame now!

There may not have been a lot of genre shows or films nominated at this year’s Golden Globes, but the ones that were are making a big impact—especially in the world of superhero films. Not only has Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse been nominated for Best Animated Film, but Black Panther is making cinematic history as the first superhero film ever nominated for Best Picture in the drama category.

The director behind Bao is working on a new feature at Pixar. King of the Monsters is sneakily tying itself into Godzilla's movie past. The Russos shoot down yet another Avengers 4 theory. Plus, Katherine McNamara makes her Arrow debut, and more pictures from the Elseworlds crossover. To me, my Spoilers!

The Harbinger movie may have found a director. Barry Allen really messes up in our first look at The Flash’s 100th episode. Legends of Tomorrow teases a wild guest appearance for its next episode. Plus, Zombieland sequel casting and more Captain Marvel reshoot hints. Spoilers now!

Tom Cruise already has wild ideas for the next Mission: Impossible. Get a look at the long-awaited release of David Allen’s unfinished stop-motion film The Primevals. The first pictures from the seasonal end of Timeless have arrived. Plus, what’s to come on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Spoilers, away!

Hugh Jackman is still ruling out a return as Wolverine. Sony dates not one, but two movies in its Spider-Verse. Peter Weller will apparently not appear in Neil Blomkamp's new Robocop. Plus, a sneaky look at Nightflyers, wild rumours about Doctor Who's future, and yes, Lin Manuel Miranda will rap in Mary Poppins Return. Spoilers, away!

Is there still hope for a Ghostbusters 3? Tom Hanks joins Miguel Sapochnik’s new post-apocalyptic project. The CW wants in on the world of fairytales. Plus, Felicia Day returns to Supernatural, Godzilla vs. Kong just keeps on casting half of Hollywood, and more snippets from Mary Poppins Returns. Spoilers, away!

Shea Whigam teases his Joker character. Warner Bros. deals a heavy blow to its Six Billion Dollar Man reboot. Syfy has plans for Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Critters. Plus, new looks at Mary Poppins Returns and Legends of Tomorrow’s next episode, and Netflix adds a creepy Australian mermaid show to its roster. Spoilers now!

Yvette Nicole Brown joins the live-action Lady and The Tramp. John Boyega is producing a fantastical new horror film. Spider-Man: Far From Home set footage teases some familiar returning faces. Plus, new looks at Black Lightning and The Flash’s return, and even more spectacular It: Chapter 2 set pictures. Spoilers, away!