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Video: When the very first trailer for Fox's Logan dropped last year, it was the ad's careful use of Johnny Cash's haunting "Hurt" that suggested the movie would have an emotional weight and depth to it unlike any other X-Men flick. The song was always perfect crystallisation of the older Wolverine's painful struggle, but in this new trailer for the movie's black-and-white version, footage from the film becomes the emotionally-devastating visual aspect to what's basically the most badarse Johnny Cash music video ever.


Marvel has been in its share of hot water over the past few months — including when a VP of sales said diverse characters were causing its sales to slump, or when artist Ardian Syaf's contract was sacked for putting controversial messages in X-Men Gold. The latest hotbed is an image that some claim was on Marvel's official Defenders page, which has some awful names for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Let's put this one to bed early, folks. Marvel didn't do it.


It's been two years since Marvel regained the rights to make Star Wars comics, and since then the publisher has released a ton of comics, both ongoing and miniseries. Want some recommendations on what's out there? We've ranked them all, from the must-reads to the ones you should avoid like they were old Jar Jar Binks.