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Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige may get the headlines, but few people have as much tactile influence on the Marvel Cinematic Universe as its design department - in particular, head of visual development Ryan Meinerding and visual design supervisor Andy Park. Their teams split up design duties on Marvel's schedule and are often hard at work on a movie long before there's even a director or script. And their work can also continue right up to the release of the movie.

Black Panther has been a lively topic of conversation for a bit longer now than most Marvel movies manage to be, and in wider circles. It owes a lot of that to its thoughtful take on producing politically relevant themes and pushing discussions about the worldwide black experience. Now, one teacher in Chicago is using that as a springboard for an entire lesson plan.

Black Panther presented director Ryan Coogler and his team with the task of bringing the iconic character to the big screen, but that wasn't the hardest part. The hardest part was creating an entire country, more technologically advanced than anywhere on the planet, based around an indestructible super-metal that doesn't exist in the real world. The process started with a single question.

"James Bond meets The Godfather." That's how executive producer Nate Moore describes Marvel Studios' latest film, Black Panther. It's not the answer we expected, but it accurately describes a high-tech spy adventure, set in an insular world where warring factions vie for leadership. But, last year on the Atlanta set of the highly anticipated superhero film, we learned there's much, much more going on.

We don't really know all that much about Forest Whitaker's role as Zuri, one of T'Challa's closest advisers, in Marvel's soon-to-be-released Black Panther. But that hasn't stopped the actor from dropping what could be a very cool hint about the places the movie could go - namely, places well beyond the borders of Wakanda itself. We're talking about outer space.