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Many people who meet Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto often ask for an autograph. He regularly draws some sort of Mario thing along with his signature because he's a cool guy.

But you've probably never met Miyamoto. So here's you ultimate, final chance to watch him draw Mario.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


It's 2016, and things are looking pretty grim. As prognosticators of the future, we're here to assess the present, and remind everyone that as bad things are, they can always get much, much worse — and they are much, much worse in mirror universes and parallel worlds. Here are 16 alternate realities that make the original look like home sweet home.


Speedrunners have long been exploiting 8-bit games by "reprogramming" them. Pixel-perfect inputs can be used to trigger memory events, usually for the purpose of beating games in fractions of the time it would ordinarily take. A similar exploit exists in the classic Mario Game Boy game 6 Golden Coins, but it exists in a physical, semi-playable form. Welcome to glitch hell.