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The future of public health in the United States was a hotly contested topic during the 2016 US election, with the presidential candidates making bold promises and several important ballot initiatives up for grabs. Here's how America voted, and what a Trump presidency means to America's health.


Everybody knows it: Weed makes you hungry. Smoking a bowl sends you searching for snacks. Hitting a spliff leaves you craving all kinds of candy. Ripping a bong gives you the munchies. We don't know why. Science is getting close though, especially after this week.


Tasmania is set to be the first place in Australia to legally grow marijuana, following a memorandum of understanding signed by both the NSW and Tasmanian Premiers. The crops grown in Tasmania are set to be used in NSW medical trials which will see its first treatments administered early next year. Tasmania seems to be the perfect candidate for this deal — the island state already grows most of the world's opium poppy, along with material grade hemp crops.