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It's been a while since we brought you some news from Ultimate Ears (the cat eating through the cable to my UE Super.Fi's doesn't count, sadly). But now UE has released its newest offering, and it's for the kids: the Loud Enough earphones. "They've gone barking mad!" you might say, citing expense and the potential damage that might be done to young ears by a max-volume burst of Noddy. Well, you'd be wrong: these earbud 'phones have special volume-limiting tech built in. Plus they're US$40. They've got silicon buds down to extra-small size... so I guess the only danger is what inventive kids will get up to with those.


This hotel door alarm might be meant to give you peace of mind as you sleep in some roach motel by alerting you if any robbers or murderers try your door, but I like to think of it existing for less noble purposes. Sure, it'll blast a 105db alarm if anyone so much as touches your doorknob, and that would scare the crap out of potential baddies, but what about the maid? Think of the amusement you'd get from giving a poor hotel housekeeper a heart attack for your own entertainment. Laffo!