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Deadpool 2 is so packed with references and jokes about every single genre and property imaginable (and some unimaginable, too), trying to cover them all comprehensively is basically impossible. So we're going with quality over quantity instead: These are our favourite surprises - the characters, references, one-liners, and more - in a film chock full of truly wonderful batshit insanity.

If we told you last year that a movie about a mute woman having a torrid, romantic relationship with a modernised version of the Creature From the Black Lagoon was going to dominate at the Oscars in terms of nominations, you might have chuckled a little to yourself. 2017 was a simpler time. The 2018 Academy Award nominations are in and there's a lot for genre fans to be happy about.

In 2008, we were basically living in another world. The Marvel Cinematic Universe didn't exist, we were still recovering from George Lucas' Star Wars prequilogy, and Fantastic Four was - ok let's be honest, in about the same place it is now. These years have seen a renaissance in comic book films, along with a surge of high-concept science fiction and fantasy. These are the greatest movies of the past 10 years.

It doesn't matter if a movie's good, bad, or just mediocre - any film can have a moment that makes your jaw drop in awe or tears come to your eyes, or makes you shudder in irritation and disgust. Here are all the greatest and worst individual moments from the cinematic releases of 2017.

As 2017 comes to an end, we start to look back at the year that was. In film, at least, the year was excellent. So excellent, in fact, that figuring out the top 10 scifi, superhero, and fantasy films was incredibly difficult. However, while there are at least 25-30 movies from 2017 deserve at least some recognition, ultimately, the cream rises to the top.

Video: Logan was a beautiful, brilliant, heart-wrenching film that sucker-punched us in the feels like no other X-Men film ever has. If you don't agree, that's fine. it's okay to be wrong.

Get the tissues ready, because our favourite Mikey Neumann has broken down in spectacular fashion the sheer artistry of Wolverine's farewell.

Over the last couple of days, we've been giving you the chance to win a genuine prop from the set of Logan -- Laura/X-23's sunglasses, along with a bunch of cool merch.

So, who won?

Video: When the very first trailer for Fox's Logan dropped last year, it was the ad's careful use of Johnny Cash's haunting "Hurt" that suggested the movie would have an emotional weight and depth to it unlike any other X-Men flick. The song was always perfect crystallisation of the older Wolverine's painful struggle, but in this new trailer for the movie's black-and-white version, footage from the film becomes the emotionally-devastating visual aspect to what's basically the most badarse Johnny Cash music video ever.