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The hour is almost upon us. In the early hours of Thursday morning, the world will -- almost certainly -- be introduced to Apple's new and improved iPhone 7. What will it look like? What magical feature will it possess? Just how many cameras will it have? Only time will tell. That time, by the way, is 3AM. Set your alarms.


On Tuesday afternoon, communications minister Senator Stephen Conroy and NBNCo CEO Mike Quigley officially launched the 2012-2015 corporate plan for the National Broadband Network at the NBNCo headquarters in North Sydney. We learned that the budget for the project has increased, the delivery deadlines remained on track, and that consumers are favouring the higher available speeds over the cheaper, slower options. Learn all that and more in Gizmodo's liveblog direct from the event.


Giz AU hit the keyboards (and coffee machine) from 4:30am this morning to kick off our meta-liveblog, bringing you the best live coverage of Apple's new iPad, Apple TV and various other shiny new things. Here's everything you need to know, including the full play-by-play of each announcement.


Wow that was an early start. Alex and Danny kicked off Gizmodo Australia's meta-liveblog at 4am AEDT to bring you the best coverage coverage from our amazing friends around the web, along with Australian-specific news, availability and pricing. Here's how it all went down. How did your predictions go?


We're liveblogging today's ICT debate between Labor's Stephen Conroy, Liberal's Tony Smith and Scott Ludlam from the Greens. Who will win? We'll find out as the event kicks off at 1pm...