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Do the new Lego sets spoil every major event in Avengers: Infinity War? Could Riz Ahmed mutate into a giant spider in Venom? Will Mike Flanagan direct a sequel to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining? All this, plus new images from X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Aquaman and more! 2017, your Angel of Death awaits...and The Mask of Morning Spoilers is lifted!

Live action musicals on network TV are all the rage these days, and now ABC America is entering the genre with its own weird mishmash version of The Little Mermaid. But this version will be a two-hour special event that somehow promises to meld scenes from the animated Disney classic with live musical performances by an as-yet-unrevealed cast of "celebrity artists". The hell?

Almost everyone grew up with Disney's animated films. Heck, even our parents grew up with Disney animated films. Since the 1930s, Walt Disney and his not-so-little company have been churning out cartoon movie masterpieces for the whole family to enjoy, and this week, Mondo is celebrating all eight decades with one of its famous, always impressive gallery event.

He has Moana. He has Mary Poppins Returns. Eventually, he'll have The Little Mermaid, too. But that's not all when it comes to Lin-Manuel Miranda's relationship with Disney. He's also working on a secret movie with Byron Howard, one of the directors of Zootopia.

Don't get your hopes up about those Mad Max prequel rumours just yet. An unsurprising character will return to Marvel's Netflix universe. The Lost in Space reboot casts its Judy Robinson. Plus, Jed Whedon teases a Doctor Strange connection to the next season of Agents of SHIELD, and a new Scream Queens clip. Spoilers now!