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If video killed the radio star, you'd damn well think YouTube killed the need to make flashy music videos. But, magically, they're still around, and some of them are turning out the coolest science fiction stories of the past few decades. Sure, there are some clunkers (like that time Justin Timberlake made a robot that screwed onstage), but sci-fi and music videos continue to be a perfect match.

Remember when everyone was screaming for 2016 to just end already? Well, it did. And 2017 managed to be even more horrific. Twitter has essentially verified that fact with its end of the year roundup of the most popular tweets, accounts and hashtags. Appreciate them now, because next year is just going to be worse.

I stormed through the second season of Stranger Things during a nine-hour flight back from a social media-free holiday, so I wasn't around to see how people were reacting to the latest visit to the Upside Down. When I reached the seventh episode, "The Lost Sister", I remember thinking it was all right. Not the finest hour of television I'd ever seen, but it had some elements I genuinely liked, and I understood its place in the series. Lo and behold, once the internet was restored, the entire world was buzzing with how wrong I was about everything.

Once Upon a Time returns today for its seventh season in the US, in which most of the original characters are gone and we've left Storybrooke for good. It's a recipe for a mighty big mess, but fans know that's just par for the course. Once Upon a Time is one of the wackiest shows on TV, thanks to the way it pulls characters from fairy tales and literature (most of them Disney adapted) and throws them in a blender, resulting in some truly odd pairings. Here are the relationships from the show -- romantic, platonic, genetic and so on -- that would impress even the most imaginative fan fic writer.

Game of Thrones, if you'll forgive the pun, changed the game on fan theories. The HBO show has inspired countless Reddit threads, discussion forums, and crazy homemade conspiracy walls decked out with pictures, names, and string in hopes of tying all the pieces together. Some of those theories have actually come true, most notably "R+L=J." However, others seem like they're too dumb to exist -- and yet here we are.

Game of Thrones is an incredibly dense show, filled with hundreds of characters, families, legends, and everything else under the realm's sun. With all the information fans have had to absorb over the years, it's easy for some things to fall on the wayside. That includes the show's plethora of religions.

Game of Thrones returns for season seven on July 17, and there are plenty of major questions fans have had for years that will likely be answered during its seven-week run. However, there are still some confounding moments that have fled north of the Wall, and we're beginning to suspect their explanations might never return.

Even though there were some significant changes and additions, the first season of The Handmaid's Tale followed the basic structure of Margaret Atwood's classic novel, all the way through to the end of Offred's journey. That means next season will, for better or worse, show us a new chance to explore Gilead -- and the world it inhabits. So here's what we'd like season two to tell us about it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is celebrating its 20-year anniversary today, and while the story (and the fashions) might technically be dated, the show is somehow more relevant than ever. Creator Joss Whedon tapped into a world where myths and monsters could be used to represent real problems, with a brilliant dash of his signature humour and heart. In celebration of 20 years of Buffy slayage, let's travel to Sunnydale and celebrate this incredible show together (hopefully before the school blows up again).