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If you wear headphones, your pocket is too full. It's already got your phone in it, and then, to keep it from flopping useless against your thigh all day, you've stuffed the remainder of your overlong headphone cable in there as well, maybe rolled up neatly or wrapped around the phone, but most likely just jammed in like a handful of shoelaces. This isn't really ideal. It's also highly fixable.

We don't know how long this has been going on or if it's new but we've never heard about it so HOLY CRAP you can buy Ikea products on Amazon right now! That's right, you can get Ikea's affordable furniture with the one click convenience of Amazon.

This photograph was taken at the SFMTA Customer Service Center, the 7th level of bureaucratic hell. I was working there, but I don't work there, feel me?

In the last 30 days, I've easily discovered more great new music than I have in the last decade, and have listened to the iTunes equivalent of at least $US700 in music for the cost of a CD.

Using touchscreens in the car can be such a hassle, because even if you put them in a dash or windshield mount where they're safely in your line of sight, they still wiggle around too much. Or they did.

CES is like Ninja Warrior for bloggers, a vast, obstacle-strewn arena where cell service is rare and usable internet is as uncommon as good hygiene. To stay in touch, Gizmodo relied on GroupMe. It worked and then some.

Biddle's got the classics, GoreTex-ified. Mascari has 'em in brown, (iconoclast), and I've got the tall fleecey ones - I hate getting cold ankles. Blam might order a pair. I'm talking about the L.L.Bean Boot: the accidental, unofficial shoe of Gizmodo.

I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. And declaring the Snuggle Suit the last word in Snuggie technology was most definitely one of those times. The Coz-E is the heated electric Snuggie of your closest-held dreams.

You're gonna want to either get comfortable or move on, because I'm fixin' to write about 700 words on video pinball. Seriously.

Heirlooms are significant objects - often jewellery or prized items - passed through generations. But as our priorities in life change, will our choices of heirlooms as well? Will I find myself entrusting an original Game Boy to my child one day?

What was my Lifechanger? Hmmmm...iPhone? iPad? Macbook Pro? Let's dig back a little deeper…Aeroplane? The1MB original-style Mac (with external 20 MB hard disk), on which I wrote my Ph.D. thesis? Radio Shack TRS-80? Nope, it was a coffee maker!