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Riding mowers and ATVs can cost as much as a decent used car, but expensive or not, they're a must-have accessory if you have to maintain a large piece of property. So a company called Raven has created the MPV7100S, which combines both into a single vehicle — with added functionality that also turns it into a mobile workshop.


Remote-controlled lawnmowers are far from a new idea. People have been cutting grass from the comfort of a lawn chair for years now. But what if you needed to clear the side of a steep hill or obliterate some nasty weeds without ever getting up? That's when you'll need the intimidating half-tank half-mower called the TREX.


Mowing lawns? Serious business. Toss your weed whacker. Do away with that clunky two-stroke monstrosity that is more mechanical beast than humble gardening device. What you need is a SpyderEvo LB1500 from LawnBott. Not only does it have a slick green finish that doubles as camouflage, but it's completed automated, so ambushing those troublesome kids cutting your grass has never been easier.


While it's a project too involved for most of us, I have no doubt a few are drooling at the idea of turning their lawnmower into a solar-juiced, grass-eating machine they can control from the comfort of their veranda.


I love avoiding household jobs, and I love robots. So I'm all about the Automower 305, Husqvarna's cheapest robotic lawnmower yet. But by cheap, I mean $2000. That's a chunk of change, though certainly more realistic than $3000+ for their other models. The 305 is designed for gardens 500m² or less, and uses a rechargeable battery that provides a 50 minute mow time on 2.5 hours of charge.


So a lack of athletic talent has led you to compensate by desiring "stripes" in your lawn. No big deal! Just pick up this relatively inexpensive striping kit from Toro and go to town on that grass.